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First Presbyterian Church – Lewistown, Montana

May 22, 2020


Subject: Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)- Update to the Session/Congregation

The Pastor Nominating Committee has been meeting approximately once a week since our last update. 

During this time, we have completed the Mission Information Form (MIF) and uploaded the document into the Church Leadership Connection (CLC) computer system.  This document forms the basis for all prospective candidates to review and be matched.

Your PNC is in the process of reviewing candidates, calling references, and truly discerning where God is leading us. We know that God is preparing us and our future pastor to meet – His timing will prevail. 

As this is a process, we cannot take short cuts and can not insert our individual will into God's ultimate plan and path. A recent pastors' comments pretty much nailed it – we need to follow the process(recipe) and not turn the heat up to double the temperature to cook something in half the time.  

Our request is to continue to Pray! 

Pray for the congregation as we continue to move forward in Faith.

Pray for Diane as she continues to lead and prepare us during this time of transition, while also taking steps in her life and discerning God's plan for her future and next calling. 

Pray for YOUR PNC – that we continue to seek and search for the Pastor that God is preparing to journey with in the future.


Members of the First Presbyterian Church Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)

Kevin Kepler – Chair - – 

Marla Phillips -Secretary/Recorder -

 Jordan Stilson - Internet Communicator -

Curtis Cauffman – Member-

Debra Slagel – Member-

Dave Byerly – Alternate - 


Kevin Kepler

PNC - Chair

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