Vision and Mission Statement


Moving toward God, forward in faith, and outward as disciples of Jesus Christ.



Embracing our Presbyterian Heritage, we prayerfully, and in spirit of joy and wonder, commit to:



We will invite people from all walks of life to worship with us and will work to cultivate joyful, meaningful, prayerful, and thoughtful worship opportunities. Worshiping together is the heart of congregational life. "Thinking outside the pews" and being sensitive to the cultural changes taking place around us will lead us to new adventures of praise, proclamation and celebration.

Spiritual Growth

Passionately pursuing spiritual growth whether we've just begun our spiritual journey or as seasoned Christians, deepening our spiritual lives through fellowship, prayer, biblical study, spiritual disciplines, faith, sharing, and creating a culture of discipleship will be our goal.


We are committed to providing opportunities for children and adults of all ages to learn about the Christian Faith with guided Bible study and fellowship.


Recognizing the changing needs and working towards supporting and strengthening families-whether families of church participants, the church family, or families within our community and world…all families will be welcomed.


Loving our extended community in Central Montana is our goal. We desire to provide service, support and fellowship for our community's physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. We will look for ways to connect with the members of our community and invite them into our fellowship.


Mission is a priority in our church. As God prepares us as His disciples, we will reach out in faith and love in our homes, communities, work place and in our world and will prepare new disciples who will reach out.


We will minister to the people in our community. We will address their needs and provide them with the opportunity to grow through fellowship, prayer, and the Word using approaches that fit their lifestyles. They will be given the skills to become God's disciples and expand the ministry of Christ.

Church Home

We will invest in the maintenance and enhancement of our church home so that all those seeking Him, in present and future generations, can come to His house to learn, for fellowship and worship, and to grow in their Christian faith.

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