First Presbyterian Church

215 5th Avenue South Lewistown, MT 59457 406-538-3728

"A missional church" For several years, our church has explored our roots, our traditions, our strengths and areas of potential growth, our heart of service and where and how we are called to service. The outcome of this "Journey of Faith" was a strengthening of our heart for service and missions. It was our re-dedication as a "missional church." What does that mean? 

 It certainly means we support and engage in the Great Commission, in Central Montana and worldwide. Through our parent church and other organizations, we seek to support the work of God's Kingdom on this earth. But we continue to seek, in many ways our opportunities for missional work, for sevice to embody the work and character of our Lord here in Lewistown and Central Montana.

This is a priority for our church and is an opportunity for each congregational member who is so inclined to strengthen and enrich our personal faith through serving others in our community. We offer many ways to serve others while serving the Lord, from music, to free holiday dinners, from small groups and Bible studies, to youth ministry. If you feel called to serve others while serving the Lord, let us visit with you about the many ways we make that possible here in Central Montana.