First Presbyterian Church

215 5th Avenue South Lewistown, MT 59457 406-538-3728

Sunday School 

We are following the Program of “The One Room Sunday School”. This program has Bible stories, art projects, music and Bible verses every week. We also play fun games. Please feel welcome to come join us as we have fun exploring the bible! Our current studies are as follows:
Unit 1: Rejoice In these lessons the boys and girls will hear the stories of Holy Week and Easter. They will celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and hear his message of “remember me” from the Last Supper. On Easter Sunday they will celebrate with the women who found the empty tomb and recognize that Jesus had truly risen from the dead. On the last Sunday in March they will hear the story of Emmaus Road and how two travelers encountered Jesus but didn’t know it until they had broken bread together.
Unit 2: Who was Paul? How did he go from being a man who persecuted Christians to a man who converted Christians? The children will hear the stories of Paul’s experience on the Damascus Road and how he was finally able to join the disciples in Jerusalem to carry the good news of Jesus to the Gentiles.
Unit 3: Travels With Paul The children will go on the road with Paul as he travels through his Mediterranean World, all the while carrying the message of Jesus with him wherever he went. The children will be introduced to Silas and the jailer and Priscilla and Aquila along the way. During this unit, the children will also celebrate the festival of Pentecost.