First Presbyterian Church

215 5th Avenue South Lewistown, MT 59457 406-538-3728


Do you have small children? Would you prefer to enjoy Sunday worship without them, knowing your children will be nurtured and cared for? We ask that gently, and if your answer is yes, we can help! At First Presbyterian Church, we are proud of the Sunday child care available for church-goers with young families. We have a nursery staffed with two paid caregivers as well as volunteers. Our staff is professional, competent and caring. Our room is clean and well maintained. There are age-appropriate activities and a caring touch, and we strive to meet your child where his or her needs are. Nursery hours begin 30 minutes before worship begins (normally 10 a.m.) and is manned until worship and sanctuary activities are concluded. There is no charge for using this service. We’re happy to help make church an even more rewarding and fun experience for you and your children. For more information, feel free to visit with our church office or any Session member. And you can always stop by the nursery and visit with our staff. The would love to see you and show you around!